Art practice and Art therapy

This subsection is designed to help comprehend the art – therapeutic experience from the point of view of contemporary art practice.

Art therapy is a part of culture, it develops in close interaction with modern art, social relations. All this influences the creative self – expression of participants in art therapy sessions.

Sometimes a person experiences difficulties in expressing feelings. The right words do not come to mind or in my head a constant “running line”. A person is not able to formulate his experiences, he can not find a positive outlet for his emotions, he worries about something.

And then art therapy comes to the rescue. A person may even not know what is called the action in which he does an unconscious step, he takes a brush, oil, canvas …… and after a few hours in his head comes order, restless thoughts recede into the background and amazing harmony spreads throughout the body. What is it? This can be called a therapy of creativity or art therapy.

Metaphorical associative cards (MAC), as one of the methods of Art therapy.
MAC cards as a tool in solving life problems and getting answers to questions. Interaction with the MAC allows you to look at the situation deeper and wider than it is seen and felt.
Usually every person tries to solve all his problems by the usual way with the help of his mind. But it is logical thinking that often drives a person into a corner. Logic blocks the emotional background, and while working with this tool, the output of emotions releases additional energy, and the solution to the problem suddenly arises by itself.
There is a new level of information and new opportunities.

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