Group therapy

About group therapy and group dynamics can be said for a long time, it is almost inexhaustible and very interesting topic. These are groups in which participants have therapeutic relationships with the leaders. The therapeutic group can be viewed as a collection of individuals, where each participant is a unique person and has unique goals and objectives.
Such people will talk about what is usually accepted to be silent. On such groups, people open their cards to better know themselves, in the process of interacting with others. Within the group, they see the usual difficulties in the relationship and, at the same time, a new opportunity and a chance to resolve it.

The task of the therapist working with the group is to support the processes of therapy and preserve the necessary boundaries of the group. The force that makes changes on the personal level is the group itself, not its leader. This is a very important point.
Group therapy differs from individual therapy in more effective conditions. Just to talk in front of group you need a lot of courage. Everything, as in life: a certain competition, the ability to give in or insist, to make your right choice and much more. The group always sees more widely than one person. Therapeutic changes in the group occur through the difficult interaction of various components of a person’s life experience, which can be considered as therapeutic factors.

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